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Releases You May Have Missed! By Christina Pfeiffer

Week of Oct. 8, 2023

We are back to the normal schedule now (I had to sneak in that amazing anthology last week).

There were a bunch of new audiobooks released the past few days and I have them here for you!




A serial killer known as "The Preserver" collects the heads of those he deems worthy of eternal perfection while trying to live an upscale life with his wife and son.

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Big Sugars toxic fertilizer has caused an outbreak in the cane fields. Vicious mutant iguanas have taken over the farm and spread across the state in a murderous migration. Without his appendage, Curious Ol’ Bob’s lost both his curiosity and his will to fend off the evil reptile swarm. It’s up to Clive and Cooter to get it back. Only then will they have a chance to set balance back to the glades.

Sometimes ya' can’t choose your friends, but ugly is loyal till the end.

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SICK! SICK! SICK! - Robert Essig

Seven vile excursions into hardcore horror!

What lurks in the S&M club hidden behind an unsuspecting storefront?

Do you have the guts to play a twisted arcade game with real consequences?

What do you do when your wife grows larger by the second and so does her appetite?

A couple of rednecks find themselves in the garbage pit of their nightmares! She’s chained up in a cabin, but it’s not what you think . . . I swear!

One man takes a baby fetish to wild new extremes.

There’s nothing like a good frat party that ends in a bang!

Are you feeling sick and twisted?

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PIG FUCKER - Carter Johnson

Declan McBane loves animals. Last night, he loved a sow in her pen. He had so much love for a tiny piglet that he killed it. Tonight, he has big plans for the animals in Terry Edison's barn. Not just the pigs, but the horses and the cows as well. But Terry Edison also has plans. And before the night is over, Declan McBane will know the true meaning of justice. Prepare yourself for an extreme journey into the twisted mind of a zoophile and the farmer who's had enough.

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All families have secrets, but some secrets are bigger, darker, and bloodier than others.

Zach and Chelsea grew up in idyllic suburbia. Then one day, their father vanished without explanation, ripping their world apart. A year later, a dangerous man shows up looking for him, a man who claims to hunt monsters and things that go bump in the night.

Soon, the siblings are swept up in a whirlwind of violence and chaos, locked in a desperate attempt to elude the police and the mysterious organization of monster hunters. In the process of fighting to stay free and alive, they unearth all the secret things kept hidden from them their entire lives.

Scary, shocking things. And nothing will ever be the same again....

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PUZZLE HOUSE - Duncan Ralston

Six strangers arrive at the home of preeminent puzzle master Alexei Vasiliev for the reading of his will. Among them are the deceased's widow, who'd already begun divorce proceedings, a virologist troubled by actions in his past, and a convicted murderer on day release. The potential beneficiaries will split Vasiliev's $150M fortune if they participate in his last great work.

The choice is simple: leave the house with nothing or continue in the hope of solving the six interconnecting escape rooms within this house.

Once there, the participants soon discover Puzzle House is far deadlier than it appears and that making their way through the rooms may be a matter of life and death. Someone is watching their every move, toying with them, turning them against each other. With their lives on the line, they are forced to wonder, is it all just a deadly game created by a gleeful sadist or something far more sinister?

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WINTER’S LEGACY - Gage Greenwood

Two sisters separated and alone in a world gone mad. They carry with them the bizarre fairy tales their father gifted them, stories where celebrities are demigods, and historical figures are ice giants. Violin, desperately searching for her younger sister, goes to the only place that has ever made sense to her: home. What she discovers is long-held family secrets, and a mysterious man with a changing face who wants the truth to come out, no matter the cost. Candlestick, embarking on a journey through an increasingly dangerous land, discovers new friends, and even greater threats. With a growing power inside her, Candlestick must learn to adapt to a world eager to destroy her. Will these sisters find each other before it's too late? Can they survive the past that's catching up to them? Dark forces are closing in, and time is running out.

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Lola and Ian had what they thought was the perfect relationship. Vacations. Fine dining. A healthy sex life. But when their childless lifestyle begins impacting their social lives, they decide to take the natural next step.

But what happens when that next step cracks the perfect foundation Lola and Ian have built? What happens when that next step is anything but natural?

Robert P. Ottone's The Vile Thing We Created is a terrifying vision of parenthood in the tradition of Ira Levin and Thomas Tryon.

Order Here:


IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD: 2202 - Edward Lee

Sometime between the years of AD 81 and AD 96, a persecuted Christian called John the Divine went to the Greek island of Patmos and wrote the Book of Revelation. Theologians and scholars to this day do not know if this author was also St. John the Apostle, personal friend of Jesus Christ. However, detractors and the devout alike all agree that the product of “John’s” pen has demonstrated itself as one of the most mysterious books ever written.

It is a book of wonders and horrors, of ciphers and hints, of truth and the most terrifying confusion. It is a book of riddles, symbols, and metaphors that presage the end of the world. It is a book endlessly discussed and bitterly argued over. However, in its illuminated pages lie one passage which seems wholly literal and free from the need for interpretation. It’s a pinpoint physical description of Heaven. Some 2200 years later, the world is much different than is it today. It is a stultifying theocracy in which “God” (whichever name His followers choose to give him) is worshiped, praised, and hallowed via incomprehensible technologies and horrifying philosophies. And now, after a few more centuries of analysis, astrophysicists and monumental cryptographic computers have deciphered all of the clues that John the Divine infused into his Book: not just the appearance of Heaven but also its exact location.

In the year AD 2202, we send a ship to go there….

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