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Releases You May Have Missed! By Christina Pfeiffer

Week of Oct. 29, 2023

So close to the spookiest day of the year, I thought I would scare up some new releases you may have missed. (Yes, I’m this hilarious in person.)





Nobody is safe. No body is safe. A gruesome fetish experiment... A bloodless gorefest... A beast of flesh and metal... A sensuous parasite... Endless skin-warping atrocities. Read on. Give in to the inner voices, begging to reconfigure your meat and muscle. Because something here is very wrong. From the author of the indie hit What Good Girls Do comes 9 gut-churning stories of anatomical horror, including 3 brand-new, never-before-published tales.

ORDER HERE: Something Very Wrong: A Collection of Lurid Body Horror eBook : Butcher, Jonathan: Kindle Store


VAMPIRES - edited by Kevin Kennedy

A collection of vampire tales from some of horrors best. You will find no friendly vampires between these pages. In these stories, vampires are once again a source of evil, coming from the darkness. If you like your vampire stories with bite, this is for you.

ORDER HERE: Vampires eBook : J. Kennedy, Kevin , Masterton, Graham, Chizmar, Richard, Mountford, Lee, F Gifune, Greg, Bray, Michael, Clark, Simon, Roberts, Nick, Keeran, Ann: Kindle Store




After a legendary reign of terror last Christmas, he has returned to wreak havoc on another favourite holiday. No treats, but plenty of tricks.

Having moved towns, and with his horrendous crimes going unsolved, the Santa Slayer has set his sights on a wealthy family who he plans to visit this Halloween.

Unbeknownst to him, a highly motivated young detective may be hot on his trail.

What horrors does the killer have in store for this unsuspecting family?

Will the police close in, before he is able to carry out his despicable torture?

One thing is for sure - this Halloween, there will be Hell!


Home II: Hell on Halloween by Dan Chadwick – Godless


THE SPIDER’S WEB - Ayralea Lander

A horror convention is taking place, and all Crissi can think about is meeting her favourite author that weekend. He isn’t all that he seems though, and soon Crissi finds herself caught in a savage web by a vile human being. Savaged and broken, can she live the night and escape?


The Spider’s Web by Ayralea Lander – Godless



BLUEJAY - Megan Stockton

Noah, Jack, and Phil are three average guys who collect horror memorabilia and have a running competition to see who can come up with the most extreme or repulsive horror movie for their weekly guys’ night. When one of the friends gets the opportunity to steal tickets to an exclusive club that touts offering a realistic, immersive torture simulation, he jumps on the opportunity.

Once they arrive at the theater they quickly realize that it isn't a simulation at all, and they have delved into an underground world that they don’t belong in. They have to uphold their stolen identities while trying to escape and not die (or kill anyone else) in the process.

ORDER HERE: Bluejay (Audible Audio Edition): Megan Stockton, Bryan Douglas, Fright Night Audio: Books



It’s serial killer vs. bikers The world’s most notorious slashers hacked their way into our psyches and buried their hatchets in our hearts. Summer camps became sinister slaughterhouses, jigsaw puzzles twisted into bloody brainteasers, and all small Texas towns conjured images of cannibalistic chainsaw carnage. But these bloodthirsty butchers didn’t only slay the victims, they destroyed the loved ones left picking up the pieces of their shattered lives. The parents. The children. The siblings. The uncles, aunts, cousins, friends…. Grief breeds rage and vengeance within the Kin of the Fallen MC. It’s their creed. It’s on the patch they wear. For this crew, stopping these killers before they strike again is the only thing that eases the pain and satisfies their need for justice. There’s a new breed of slasher stalking the streets. He’s heard tales of the Kin of the Fallen and sees the bikers’ threats as a personal challenge. Now, he’s hunting them down and ripping them apart limb by severed limb.

ORDER HERE: Kin of the Fallen (Audible Audio Edition): Carver Pike, Christopher Harbour, Tiffany Bache, Fright Night Audio: Books

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