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Releases You May Have Missed! By Christina Pfeiffer

Week of Nov. 5!

Remember, remember the 5th of November … not for V for Vendetta but because it’s my birthday!

So, check out these sweet new releases and get to reading.



Indie LASAGNA: A TASTELESS TALE OF MAFIOSO AND MEAT SAUCE - Merrill David Traumatized as a teen by a brutal act of violence that would seriously scald his temporal lobe, young Niccolo Abruzzi was institutionalized for a while. After many months away restoring his mental wellness, he eventually learned how to cope with that past. Having inherited the family eatery in a quaint part of the Bronx, New York called ‘Little Italy,’ Nick assumed his new role of restaurateur. But his return to society soon becomes marred by the weekly visits from the local crime family collecting their ‘rent,’ not to mention the bloody power struggle for control of the Italian-American Mafia scene, a literal war waging in the streets.

Sick of being victimized and struggling to maintain some sense of sanity, can Nick, aided by his older, street-wise cousins Vinny and the sexy, proudly promiscuous Angie, save the struggling cafe from going under? Or will that ruthless band of brothers force the Abruzzi’s to abandon ship? And what’s that secret ingredient in the meat sauce that has critics raving but the city health inspector scratching his head?


EVERYTHING’S GOTTA BE LOVE OR DEATH - Stephen Cooper Who could possibly be miserable while vacationing on a beautiful sunny island with his best friends, surrounded by people having a wonderful time? Brandon. Brandon could. He hated everything about his life, himself most of all. Hated it so much, he’d begun contemplating just ending it rather than dragging himself through another boring day of being a nothing and a nobody and a pathetic loser. But then he met Vince. A mysterious, handsome, dangerous stranger with a proposition. One simple action that would change things forever, a deed Brandon couldn’t go back on. Which would give him the chance he so desperately desired -- the chance to remake himself in ways he’d never imagined. “Wanna kill someone?”

Welcome to the latest extreme novella from the twisted mind of Stephen Cooper, author of Addicted to Vengeance and The Rot. A story about lust, love, and good old-fashioned brutal murder, this book isn’t for the faint-hearted, and probably isn’t good advice for the broken-hearted. But, sometimes, you have to live in the moment, where Everything’s Gotta Be Love or Death.


GODLESS TIME IS FLEETING - Nat Whiston The first seal has been broken, and armageddon is coming. War is on her way to break the second seal, while Caska is on her way to the third. Will Sam and her new allies be able to discover a way to stop the wheels in motion? Or will not even her new alliance be enough to prevent the inevitable? One thing is for sure, Sam still has so much left to lose and Time is fleeting.


TALES FROM BEHIND THE COUNTER - Carter Johnson It's 1999 in Taylorsville, and high school graduate Morgan Kemp just needs a summer job to keep her parents off her back until she moves to New York City in the fall. It just so happens that Video Flashback is hiring. Morgan figures it's better than slinging sandwiches at the mall, right? But she couldn't be more wrong. Assigned to the night shift, Morgan meets her new manager, Richie, a movie nerd who loves his job a little too much. What follows is a summer that Morgan will never forget: a series of strange interactions with odd customers who may or may not exist; a monster living behind the store; videotapes filled with footage of horrible things; and a file cabinet full of movies that shouldn't exist. Will she survive the summer, or will Video Flashback claim another employee's life?


RROOM - Alexei Vella and John Baltisberger RED ROOMS, specialized cinema for discerning customers. Native to the DARK WEB where bitcoin can buy anything, DRUGS, electronics, credit cards, and most importantly, LIVES. For those enterprising showmen and women who have a flair for the dramatic, who have a knack for the CRAFT, there is no end to the wealth that you can accumulate through setting up and running your own RED ROOM. There are risks of course, the authorities, rivals, victims who escape, but play your cards right, design the perfect room and show for your eager viewers, record it all in your BOOK OF BLOOD, and you could be the next great STAR. Breathe deep, consider each cut, but always remember… WE ARE WATCHING. ORDER HERE:

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