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Releases You May Have Missed! By Christina Pfeiffer

Week of August 13:

This week went by way too fast! Because of that, you may have missed one or all of these fantastic new releases. Never fear, your resident stalker is here to help!

Check out some of the newest releases below from Mainstream and Indie authors and see what's new on Godless and Audible too!



THE HANDYMAN METHOD by Nick Cutter and Andrew F. Sullivan

When a young family moves into an unfinished development community, cracks begin to emerge in both their new residence and their lives, as a mysterious online DIY instructor delivers dark subliminal suggestions about how to handle any problem around the house. The trials of home improvement, destructive insecurities, and haunted house horror all collide in this thrilling story perfect for fans of Nick Cutter’s bestsellers The Troop and The Deep.



Curious readers and fans of monsters and the macabre, get ready to bulk up your TBR piles! Sadie “Mother Horror” Hartmann has curated the best selection of modern horror books, including plenty of deep cuts. Indulge your heart’s darkest desires to be terrified, unsettled, disgusted, and heartbroken with stories that span everything from paranormal hauntings and creepy death cults to small-town terrors and apocalyptic disasters.

Each recommendation includes a full synopsis as well as a quick overview of the book’s themes, style, and tone so you can narrow down your next read at a glance. Featuring a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Josh Malerman and five brand-new essays from rising voices in the genre, this illustrated reader’s guide is perfect for anyone who dares to delve into the dark.




The book you are about to read is an account of the events that occurred at the derelict Franklin's Fun Castle. A once wholesome venue for family entertainment - now an abandoned, sullied ruin. Someone made a home there, escaping the chaos and carnage of Bonkin's Bonanza, someone people are searching for. But those who ventured to Franklin's Fun Castle wouldn't find their answers. No redemption, fame, or whimsical merriment. They would find blood-soaked torment brought to life from the twisted nightmares of a child. One few, if any, would wake from. One that came to be known as The Cotton Candy Massacre: Part Toots.


IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD 2202 - Edward Lee

Sometime between the years of A.D. 81 and A.D. 96, a persecuted Christian called John the Divine went to the Greek island of Patmos and wrote the BOOK OF REVELATION. Theologians and scholars to this day do not know if this author was also St. John the Apostle, personal friend of Jesus Christ. However, detractors and the devout alike all agree that the product of “John’s” pen has demonstrated itself as one of the most mysterious books ever written.

It is a book of wonders and horrors, of ciphers and hints, of truth and the most terrifying confusion. It is a book of riddles, symbols, and metaphors that presage the end of the world. It is a book endlessly discussed and bitterly argued over. However, in its illuminated pages lie one passage which seems wholly literal and free from the need for interpretation. It’s a pinpoint physical description of Heaven. Some twenty-two hundred years later, the world is much different than is it today. It is a stultifying theocracy in which “God” (whichever name His followers choose to give him) is worshiped, praised, and hallowed via incomprehensible technologies and horrifying philosophies. And now, after a few more centuries of analysis, astrophysicists and monumental cryptographic computers have deciphered all of the clues that John the Divine infused into his Book: not just the appearance of Heaven but also its exact location.In the year A.D 2202, we send a ship to go there…



FIST OF SERRATED TEETH - Sean Malia Thompson

Murder Stories from the writer of Screaming Creatures and God Damn Zombie Chainsaw Murderer.

Includes Bonus Material: part 1 of the sequel to God Damn Zombie, a stand-alone story that does not spoil the first novel or the novel to come!


BLINK - C. Wilson

Carla survives the worst night of her life; a night she wasn't supposed to come back from. Now she has only two reasons to reclaim the future that was stolen from her and an all consuming thirst for vengeance.




When you see everything your children do, what are you still missing? And what will it cost you?

In a near-future United States, surveillance technology’s the hottest trend in high-tech parenting. Children have their every move monitored from birth thanks to repurposed military drones and contact lens digital cameras that show life from your child’s perspective. But in the aftermath of a tragedy at his son’s high school, one father must contend with the dark side of his reliance on these innovations.

Putting a Black Mirror spin on We Need to Talk about Kevin, Patrick Barb’s Helicopter Parenting in the Age of Drone Warfare captures every parent’s worst nightmare as reimagined for the digital age. This lean, propulsive novelette examines the duality of technology—how it brings everyone closer, but also creates artificial barriers between us all. From its mysterious beginning to its inevitable, tragic ending, this tale of horror enabled by technology unveils secret after secret.

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