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Releases You May Have Missed! By Christina Pfeiffer

Holy smokes, friends! Was there a ton of new releases this week or what? Especially audiobooks. Let’s get into it because this is gonna take a while.

Find the links to purchase each one below! Come back next Sunday for another week of Releases You May Have Missed!



GRIM PORTRAITS by Kealan Patrick Burke What do you see when you look at a painting? The image, the brush strokes, the stippled canvas beneath? What if you looked beyond it? And what do you know about the person who created that picture that's hanging on your wall? They say art requires a certain acceptable degree of madness. What secrets then lie beyond the pigment in the darkness between depiction and delusion? Herein you'll find stories about self-destructive lovers on a quest to find themselves while getting lost in each other ("Sometimes They See Me"), meet a man who wakes to find himself bound to a chair in a gallery of nightmarish paintings ("The Binding"), discover how one horrific act converts a child's grief into artistic talent in "The Portrait", witness the unveiling of an art collector's most precious and macabre find in "The Acquisition", visit a comic book store with a pair of thieves intent on robbing a man they don't know is expecting them ("The Barbed Lady Wants for Nothing"), and read a roadie's account of a band's final days after they discover "The Amp."


STROMBOLI by Matthew Cash

There's a war on and Malcolm Sturgess is angry: Angry about the way people look at him Angry with his family Angry with the war Angry with his little brother Laurie Angry that the only attention he can get is bad attention When you are cursed the way Malcolm Sturgess is, you have two choices in life: be the victim or be the enemy. This is the story of how one man's legacy haunts an entire village.



THE GOD DAMN DEAD by Colt Skinner

During the frigid Canadian winter, two outlaw bikers have been set up for a crime they didn’t commit. On the run from the law and their own club, they must fight their way through hordes of zombies, gangs of vampires, and a murderous witch who is hell-bent on revenge. Colt Skinner’s 666 silver-medal award-winning short story, Your English is Good, introduced the world to the Dead Mariachis Motorcycle Club. Now, join Hellbilly, Death Mask, and Fast-Eddy as they fight for their lives against the God Damn Dead!


CORKSCREW by Todd Love

The tormented in high school becomes the torturer of those who made him what he is today. George Anthony will stop at nothing to get the girl out of his high school fantasies. Years of body manipulation have made George the object of every man and woman's desire. Today, he uses that desire to strike at those who destroyed him many years ago. The story of PUSSYCOCK comes to life in this new SPLATTER SHORT by indie horror author Todd Love. Brought back to its original origin, dive into this body horror short story with a unique twist.



TALIA by Daniel Volpe

In the early 1990s, the rising popularity of the video cassette gave birth to a seedy, underground world of illicit pornography. Talia, a Midwest dreamer, leaves home in search of fame under the blinding Broadway lights. But nothing could have prepared her for what she finds instead. Savage violence, bottomless depravity, and no way out. Talia will unapologetically drag you into the foul underbelly of society. A sanity straining journey, full of hot bloodshed and betrayal.



New Mexico Territory, 1882: She comes to the Klein ranch at sunset, a strange naked pregnant woman dragging a cavalry saber. Annette Klein and her husband have built peace between their marriage and secret relations beyond, but their serenity dies in bloodshed tonight through a cannibalistic demon and a mad preacher. Annette barely escapes the bloodbath to the nearby town of Low's Bend, where she might find safety with a shotgun-toting barkeep, two no-nonsense boarding room ladies, and the gunslinging bounty hunter who's captured Annette's heart. But hell is at her heels. If she's going to survive until dawn, she'll have to forget everything she knows about peace and mercy and face a hollow malevolence more ancient and ruthless than she's ever imagined.


THE SURVIVORS by Matthew Vaughn

Fifteen survivors of an airplane crash find themselves stranded on an island. Only one man has the survival skills to try to keep them all alive. This is one man's account of what happened to the group - the things they saw, the things they did. The real monsters on this island are the ones stranded there.


DEAD END HOUSE by Bryan Smith

The abandoned house at the end of Millhaven Road stands on blighted and barren ground, as if nature itself shuns this tainted place. It is known simply as Dead End House, and unspeakably terrible things happened there long ago. Murder, torture, mutilations, cannibalism, and necrophilia. Vile deeds spawning an enduring legend of horror. But the house only looks abandoned. Behind the blacked-out windows and crumbling facade, evil endures. So step up to the front door and knock if you dare. Crazy Calvin and his lunatic sister have been sharpening their knives and are eager to see you.


MR. NIGHTMARE #1 by Joe Scipione

Bored in the middle of another summer vacation, Anna, her brother Chuck, and their friends John, Merrie, and Marcus plan to meet in the woods at midnight every Saturday to tell scary stories. They call their group The Nightmare Club, and they get together to see who tells the scariest stories throughout summer and into the fall, when they head back to school. The group becomes inseparable, looking forward to the meetings every week as they try to outdo each other. But, their late-night fun turns to terror when they learn an other-worldy being - known to them as Mr. Nightmare - has taken an interest in them and has been feeding on their dreams. Mr. Nightmare continues to taunt and torment the group, until they decide to fight back against their tormentor. The more The Nightmare Club fights back, however, the more dangerous Mr. Nightmare becomes. Mr. Nightmare (Audible Audio Edition): Joe Scipione, Amber Dekkers, Fright Night Audio: Books

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