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Sonja Ska Reviews 4/4/2024

Monica Ojeda fucks me up like no one else can. She's an expert at cracking society open, unapologetically exploring taboo subjects while examining how brutality and even erotism overlap with the flow of violence through society. One of the most compelling things about her writing is how she picks up the dark undercurrents that linger just below humanity's surface and forces us to confront them when most people are happy to tuck them away and pretend they don't exist.

Like JawboneNefando is a very overwhelming text. There's a little more breathing room in this one, but it's also disjointed, presented in sharp, fragmented sections that you can easily snag yourself on. 

You never walk away from an Ojeda book in one piece, but whatever you're forced to leave behind when you flip the page is well worth the sacrifice.  Get it here!

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