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The Mort Report reviews Bad Seed & Hunted Highways

The Mort Report is back with two more reviews for your enjoyment. Hunted Highways from Crystal Lake Publishing and is the Twelfth volume in their Dark Tide series. Stories within are by Rowland Bercy, Jr, Carver Pike, and Lucas Mangum.

Bad Seed is written by Ayralea Lander.

Read on for more from Mort!



By Rowland Bercy Jr., Lucas Mangum and Carver Pike

Published by Crystal Lake Publishing

You can always count on Crystal Lake Publishing to provide you with high quality content, and their DARK TIDE books all feature powerhouses of the indie horror industry.

When I saw these three authors are going to feature together, I just had to take the opportunity to snatch it up. And if you know one or all of these guys, as you should because they are awesome as both writers and human beings, you know there will be some dark stuff ahead.

I had to ask myself, what could this book possibly be about?

Hmm, so first off, we got Mr. Bercy who throws the title B.I.R.D.S. at us. What could that possibly mean?

Because I Rote Dis Story – a deeply introspective look at what happens when you drink a little too much and your mind makes unusual connections?

B.I.R.D.S. – a story about a British bloke who goes to the States and tries to flirt with women, but when he calls the wrong one a “bird” all hell breaks loose?

B.I.R.D.S. – a road rage story where somebody flips the wrong person the bird?

Bercy Is Rowland Da Second – an autobiography about the hardships of still being Junior as an adult?

So many options!

And then you have Mr. Mangum who throws a title at you like Dracula and the Devil Walk Into a Bar.

Well, damn, can you be any more vague? This story can be about any-damn-thing with a title like that!

And finally, Mr. Pike delivers Road Wrath, because he had to show off what big words he can use, refusing to just lower himself to the peasant level and talking about “rage” instead of “wrath”. He doth done thy ego a vainglorious…

Wait…what? I’m zero for three??

Well, in that case, just read these 3 fine examples of highway horror and enjoy every second of it.

Vastly different and original, I can’t even decide which one I liked the most.





By Ayralea Lander

A story about a bad man doing bad things…and Fate giving him what he deserves.


I think this short story will have a limited appeal to the extreme and Splatterpunk fans, which is perfectly fine, as it was meant for that audience.

But it does show a lot of potential for this author, and I think for fans who are in the mood for a short, brutal story, you should check this out.


Rounded up to 4 stars.


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