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05/03/2024 The Mort Report

This week's review is on Dying Sheep by Jesse D'Angelo.




By Jesse D'Angelo

I’ll be honest, this one had me doubting myself.


Was it supposed to be funny? Or have a really reached that point where I should just put the books down and take up knitting for a while?


There’s lots of blood and gore and violence, as you would expect.

The author did a really good job of catching that traumatized, Alpha male mentality of Marvin.


But the kills? And the moments of self-doubt? It had me on the floor, laughing my ass off.


It makes it really difficult to rate this one, because for entertainment value I could not fault it. It is a very solid 5 on that front. However, it will most definitely not be for everyone. I can already hear words like “cis” being thrown around because heaven forbid that an author can write a character that is not like them!


So, yeah, 5 stars for entertaining me, but with a warning to those who become so easily offended by fiction.


5 Stars

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