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5-14-2024 Besonen Breakdowns

Today's breakdown is for the audiobook of "Vanity Kills" by Erica Summers:

This was my second read from Summers and while I liked my introduction to her, this one really showed her ability to write. The story was captivating and had some surprising scenes scattered throughout that played a role in some of the social commentary of the book. I had a little bit of difficulty picturing what exactly the creatures looked like, but they were pretty frightening from what I was able to picture. I really liked the dark tone that this one had that didn't lighten up, not even as it offered up that perfectly bleak ending.

The audio portion of this was narrated by Jake Blagburn who brought a smooth but enjoyable delivery with his reading. I couldn't help but chuckle at some of his sound effects, he makes sure you get exactly what is written! Teamed up with Erica, this is one creepy listen that you won't soon forget. 

5/5 stars.



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