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6-18-2024 Besonen Breakdowns

Today's breakdown is for "Faces Of Beth" by Carver Pike:

A piece about the barriers a young person might put up after a traumatic experience. I found Beth to be an interesting character and overall like what each personality brought to the story itself. I like Horror with a message and this one seemed to have one geared towards the dangers of the darker side of the behind the scenes of the church, and also about the lack of accountability on the behalf of establishments that should be providing a safe place for kids. I think that it was a tale about unconditional love also as Andrew, the main character, clearly displays it here. This was the first I have read by Pike, but I think he is a strong writer with some interesting takeaways available in this book that I think are of importance. I would have liked Beth's source of trauma to have been more unique than a case of grooming and possible abuse, I felt the story deserved better than what we got. As someone who is creeped out by old women characters, Old Lynne was a nice touch.

4/5 stars.



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