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Due to ongoing technical issues, this week's Mort Report reviews are being posted here. Apologies for the inconvenience.

This week Mort reviews POLTERGARY and TITS AND TEETH, both by Lee Richmond. Enjoy!



By Lee Richmond

You know, indie authors continually ask people to leave reviews for their work, and there is a very good reason – this is the only way a lot of people will discover some great stories by some really great authors. While it is also true for me as a new author, I am saying this as a reader and a fan, because it was a review that brought this book to my attention.

And what a great discovery this one turned out to be!

This is a horror comedy. I laughed my ass off throughout the story. And I have come across a character that was so brilliantly written, I had a mental picture throughout and had the movies in my head without the author ever referencing them.

Every single scene with Yoko in them had me in stitches.

Even more so, I have this weird way to connect movies and television in my brain, and it was as if I was sitting next to this author on a mental rollercoaster as the story progressed – he managed to hit all the right spots and I absolutely loved the ride!

Also – kudos to the author who also did the cover. If you can see the brilliance here, this book might be for you:

So, if you are a movie fan who just loves to make the connections in the written word, or if you are somebody who loves the comedy more than the horror part of the story, this one is for you.

Entertainment wise, I can rate this one 10 stars. Loved this!

Recommended to horror comedy fans, with the emphasis on the laughs.

5 STARS!!!!!

Get it here:



By Lee Richmond

The concept is so simple, yet brilliant – it’s one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments.

Sharks and a nudist resort.


Look, this story is not going to challenge you mentally and it is not seeking to be more than it is:

Silly, somewhat juvenile, crude and funny, funny, funny…

Just grab your popcorn, clear your mind and allow yourself to be entertained.

Highly recommended to people who can laugh at this kind of humor, because it is well written and provides the necessary visuals. If you think it is beneath you, it probably will be – you have been warned, so if you bash the author about it, you’re a bigger dick than Thor’s Hammer.


Get it here:

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