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Haunted Location: off the coast of Key Biscayne, Florida

Neptune Memorial Reef


Welcome back to another Weird Wednesday, where we explore everything odd, eerie, and submerged!


Today’s location brings us to international waters off the coast of Key Biscayne, Florida where people literally “sleep with the fishes.”


Neptune Memorial Reef is the largest designed human-made reef in history. Once it is complete it will cover 16 acres of ocean floor, transforming the previously baren site into a large ocean life friendly eco-system. Already, sea life is flocking there and reaping the rewards of this new habitat. The reef was designed to the likeness of the Lost City of Atlantis and is built using a natural concrete substance that is ocean friendly. It promotes the growth of coral and marine life and studies have confirmed that the sea life in the area has grown from zero to thousands all within the first two years!


It is engineered to withstand the worst storm in 100 years, as per the permit requirement.


I know what you’re thinking, “Cool Ali, a reef that looks like the Lost City of Atlantis, promoting a healthy marine eco system boost… what’s so odd about that?”


Well, aside from the fact that humans notoriously kill marine ecosystems and this group making an amazing effort to rectify that, the Neptune Memorial Reef is also a cemetery.


Yes, you read that correctly. The Neptune Memorial Reef is a fully functional cremated remains cemetery. Families have the option to spread their loved one’s ashes by boat above the site, or they can have the ashes mixed with the natural concrete and placed in a mould (seashell, etc.). They can even join in the process of mixing and moulding! Some people have opted to mix their remains with those of their pets, and because the memorial site is in international waters, it’s totally legal!


The families can then join the Neptune Memorial Reef representative and the diver to drop their loved one off. If conditions allow, family members can even scuba dive down and be part of the final placement ceremony.


People continue to come by boat, to visit their loved ones, and/or, dive down to visit regularly. Just like you would visit a traditional on land resting place.


Divers, and explorers who don’t have a personal burial in the reef are still able to come and visit. The site is free and open to anyone!


Throughout my research I did not come across any stories of hauntings or odd happenings, but if you chose to be buried at the Neptune Memorial reef, you could become the first ghost to haunt it. Goals, am I right?


As always, if you chose to go visit the reef, please remember the rules:




RESPECT THE RESIDENTS (that includes the marine life!)



To read more about this alternative cemetery art piece check out the reference link! It tells you all about the project, as well as the process for burial!





Neptune Memorial Reef

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