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Random Review Friday: Guest Author Review by Dacia Arnold

This week we bring Dacia Arnold back for another random review! Today, she reviews Billy and the Cloneasaurus by Stephen Kozeniewski. Enjoy!

Review of Billy and the Cloneasaurus

Author: Stephen Kozeniewski

Genre: Horror

Length: 200 pages

Author's Site: Manuscript Burn

Amazon Link: Purchase Here (or on his website)


Six billion identical clones make up the entire population of Earth, and William 790-6 (57th Iteration) is exactly like everybody else. In his one year of life he will toil in suburban mediocrity and spend as much cash as possible in order to please his corporate masters.

When 790’s first birthday (and scheduled execution) finally rolls around, a freak accident spares his life. Living past his expiration date changes 790 profoundly. Unlike other clones he becomes capable of questioning the futility of his own existence.

Seeking answers in the wilderness, he discovers a windmill with some very strange occupants, including a freakish, dinosaur-like monstrosity. Which is especially strange since every animal on earth is supposed to be extinct… Dark, haunting, and blisteringly satirical, BILLY AND THE CLONEASAURUS is the story of one “man’s” attempt to finally become an individual in a world of copies.


What I Thought:

What I love most about Billy and the Cloneasaurus is the way Kozeniewski throws us into the dystopia of Williamsport while gradually revealing its charm and relatability. I hate spoilers and I’ll do my best, but this story is an onion worth peeling back. And though many questions are answered by the end, I have soooo many more.

William 790-6 is a clone, like all other residence of Williamsport. He’s pretty accepting of this, himself, and all the other Wills until he passes his 1-year anniversary of life, when he’s supposed to get recycled. Meeting his replacement makes him progressively annoyed with his day-to-day life.

The world of Williams is so easily digestible without an over explanation. It was only after reading that I considered how boring this book should have been since all the characters are essentially the same. And yet, somehow, the narrative is engaging, interesting and exciting as Billy begins to answer some of the burning questions I, as a reader, wanted answered.

The thoughtfulness of not only the concept of the story but its execution on speaks to Stephen Kozeniewski’s talent as a writer. I love a good, gritty dystopia. This was a sweet fix to a craving for traditional dystopia. I was blown away.


About the Author:

Stephen Kozeniewski (pronounced "causin' ooze key") is a two-time winner of the World Horror Grossout Contest. His published works have been nominated for several Splatterpunk, Voice Arts, and Indie Horror Book Awards, among other honors. He lives in Pennsylvania with his girlfriend and their two cats above a fanciful balloon studio.



Dacia is a bestselling science fiction author, specializing in adult dystopian and dark fiction. She enjoys writing main characters who are otherwise normal people with extraordinary abilities.

Find more on Dacia at the links below:

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