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Random Reviews

Today, I decided to post a couple of my older reviews for books that deserve more eyes on them and ones that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I hope you check these out if you have not already ready them!



DO NOT WEEP FOR ME by Tony Tremblay

*reviewed June 2022


Goffstown, New Hampshire has seen its share of supernatural mayhem, murder, and monsters. With the banishment of the demon James Moore, some in the town believed their bloody past was behind them. The devil knows better.



Do Not Weep For Me is one of those stories that keeps you on the edge of your seat, rocketing through emotions, as Tremblay pulls you into an abyss of terror so deep, you’ll be lost there for days. Horror, fear, grief, shock, dismay, and bone-chilling terror await within these pages.

It’s an emotional read, as the author keeps you rooted, fully invested in the story, and its incredible cast of unique characters. The visuals in this book will haunt you every bit as much as the outcome will astound you. This has one of the most original plot twists that I have seen done in a story of this nature.

I’ve been a huge fan of demonic stories for most of my life and Do Not Weep For Me is the best one that I’ve read in recent years.

5 demonic stars.



ALL WILL DIE by Kristopher Rufty

*reviewed Oct. 2022


A year after a group of teenagers were brutally murdered in the mountains, their parents return to the scene of the crime in hopes of luring the killer out of hiding. Unfortunately for them, they are successful. Though they expect the fight of their lives, they quickly learn how unprepared they are for the savage brutality that awaits them. One by one, they will experience exactly what their children endured in their own night of hell.

Their obsession has led them to this nightmare and their one chance at retribution. But if they don't succeed...



All Will Die takes every parent’s worst nightmare, blends it with a heavy dose of grief-fueled anger, and delivers a heart-pounding adrenaline rush of revenge on an epic scale. The story follows grieving father Ethan Bowers as he navigates the worst year of his life, after learning that about a tragedy that has fallen upon his daughter and her friends during a summer get-away before heading off to college.  He joins the other parents in their quest for revenge. 

A plan is set into motion, and a series of events follows that none of them will ever fully recover from. Rufty drags you along at breakneck speed through horrifying action sequences and bone-chilling revelations as the story unfolds.

This was a perfect Halloween read; a well-balanced slasher style story with a heavy dose of heart-wrenching emotion.

5 Stars- highly recommended. 



SUNDOWN by John Watson

*reviewed Oct. 2022


Nothing much ever happens in the wild west town of Sundown. Sheriff Otis Grady and his deputies keep the peace and show no mercy to those who dare to step out of line. Their reputation is legendary and about to be put to the test.

It all begins when a mysterious man named Renfield rolls into town in a wagon with three coffins loaded on back. He is on his way to Tombstone to claim the bounty on the Lazarus brothers and needs a place to rest up for the night.

When darkness falls on Sundown, the truth about the Lazarus brothers is revealed. Can Sheriff Grady protect the citizens of his town when bullets no longer work?


Sundown takes the Western trope for a bloody ride straight to Hell through an unexpected twist on the usual Wild West tale. Soon after a young boy rides into town, sick and delirious, a stranger named Renfield arrives with a wagon full of corpses. Upon recognizing Renfield, a jailed man has an odd story to tell Sheriff Otis Grady.

It’ll be up to the sheriff and his men to keep the town safe even as they struggle to believe what is happening. As carnage ensues and the body count rises, what will Sheriff Grady do to save his town? Watson has penned a fast-paced tale of horror and havoc with richly detailed and relatable characters and visceral emotions. Add in the bleak imagery of a crimson-soaked small town, and more gore than you might expect, and you’re in for one hell of a wild ride.

4 stars.



For my author friends that follow the blog, remember that we take guest author reviews on Fridays too, so feel free to send them over!

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