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Releases You May Have Missed! By Christina Pfeiffer

Happy October, friends! For this week's release, I wanted to focus on one huge release from French Press, with a special review of this kickass anthology.


Edited by Stephen Kozeniewski, Wile E. Young, and Kayleigh Dobbs

I was worried… fifteen ghost stories? At once? Hmmmm. But every story is so freaking different and amazing I read this entire book yesterday. That’s right: IN ONE DAY! Let’s get into the spooky that resides in these perfectly fine pages.

The First Ghost by Stephen Kozeniewski - Em and Connor want to have a ghost free week and at $5000 a night, that shouldn’t be a problem… but it is.

Jurisdiction by Bev Vincent - Body parts are showing up and ghosts are dying. It is up to flesh and blood cops or the ghost cops to find the killer? (This one was creative as hell.)

The Blue Mausoleum by J.C. Smith - What would you do to save someone you cared about? Some… some would do anything.

Auld Lang Syne by Wile E. Young - Watt went on a killing spree 20 years ago, the ghosts of his victims were safe, right? Right?!

A Most Unpleasant Task by Jeff Strand - A horny, dead wife ghost, a jewel greedy assassin, and an oddly in the know husband all collide in this one. (Absolutely hilarious).

Click by Candace Nola - Rachel has to relive a sister’s worst nightmare and doesn’t even get the closure afforded to others. (Be prepared to sob.)

The Perfectly Fine Family by Ryan Breadinc - Carl needs Marie, but he’s dead and she’s not. No matter, he has a few ideas to change that if he can get rid of his stepdaughter.

Fiduciary Duty by Zachery Rosenberg - A young man is accused of murdering women, but those women can still tell their stories… if anyone will believe them.

Addicted to Slaughter by Shane Burnham - Killing is John miller’s favorite hobby. But he has a vendetta against ghosts. His life is complicated to say the least.

Incorporeal Tax by Annie Knox - There are worse things than the ghosts of your boyfriend who won’t leave you alone. So much worse.

Where the Heart Is by Brian Keene - two words: Emotional damage.

Lay, Lie, Lie by Gavin Dillinger - What is better than being known as the Road Rage Ripper? Making a couple of bucks off of true crime suckers… until the truth comes out.

Playthings by Kay Hanifen - Always be alert or have a ghost guardian angel.

The Perfectly Fine Storm - It’s amazing to have the perfect neighborhood defense against ghosts until the power goes out and secrets come out.

The Last Word by Kayleigh Dobbs - These twins have more than DNA in common, they have revenge too. (The most creative in the anthology.)

There isn’t a bad one in here, friends. My favorites were: The Last Word, Click, Where the Heart Is, A Most Unpleasant Task, Auld Land Syne, and The First Ghost.

I don’t need to be a ghost to know this is specter-tacular. (Come on, let me have a few puns.)




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