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For the first of our author signing announcements, Uncomfortably Dark would like to welcome author Patrick Tumblety to the family!

Uncomfortably Dark will be publishing Patrick's debut novel, COME OUT AND PLAY, which he pitched as 'HOME ALONE meets RESIDENT EVIL'. He describes the story as being riddled with supernatural gore, scares, suspense, and mystery, but the thesis of the novel is to depict the horrors of living through untreated trauma, while also showing how trauma can be survived. 

Each character is struggling with their own unsolved issues (mental illness, loss, PTSD), which are reflected in the physical situations throughout the story. We are very excited about this novel and can't wait to bring it to our readers later in 2024!

Patrick Tumblety is an author of horror, science-fiction, and poetry. He has been featured in numerous anthologies, including Tales of Jack the Ripper from Word Horde Press, The Dead Inside, from Dark Dispatch, Gothic Fantasy: Science Fiction, from Flame Tree Publishing, and Dark Moon Digest from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.

He has also been published by and is an active member of the Horror Writers Association. His work has been described as being able to deliver both "genuine fear and genuine hope." (Amy H. Sturgis - Award-Winning Author and Professor of Narrative Studies).

Please join us in welcoming him to Uncomfortably Dark!

Look for more author announcments every Saturday in Decemeber, followed by anticipation release schedule in January!

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