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Saturday Special Report: Rufty Rabbit Hole

For anyone that loves action-packed slasher tales, or pulse-pounding cinematic reads, full of horror and heartbreak, and all things in between, you need to check out Kristopher Rufty. Over the last three months, I’ve been reading through all things Rufty, as he is one of my favorite authors as well as one of my biggest influences. I was a Rufty fan long before I became an author. Having the honor of meeting him at my first convention was a huge deal for me and now, being in the industry myself, it’s my privilege to call him a friend.

So, a little about Kristopher: This splatterpunk award-nominated author resides in North Carolina, where many of his stories are set. He’s a father to both human children and pet ones. He is also the writer and director of the films Psycho Holocaust, Rags, and Wicked Wood. He is a prolific author with more than 20 novels under his belt and countless short stories.

Kristopher also had a radio show a few years back called Diabolical Radio. The show would become one of the biggest motivating factors behind his writing career. During the show’s run, he got to interview many of his favorite authors such as John Saul, Joe Lansdale, Jack Ketchum, Edward Lee, Brian Keene, Wrath James White, Ronald Malfi, and Jeff Strand as well as horror industry people like Heather Graham, Deborah LeBlanc, and Sephera Giron.

His novels include PILLOWFACE, THE LURKERS, BIGFOOT BEACH, ALL WILL DIE, A DARK AUTUMN, ANGEL BOARD, DESOLATION, and so many more. You can find his work here on Kristopher Rufty: books, biography, latest update

or order signed copies of his books from his website here:Home | KRuftyBooks

What might you read in a Rufty book? Well, he is a horror author so there will be blood, lots of blood, but you will also find humor, dynamic characters that you can relate to, gut-wrenching heartbreak and loss, and yes, even the spicy spicy naughty bits. He can write a steamy love scene every bit as well as gore-filled blood bath.

His books are a great way to escape reality for a while and immerse yourself in a story that flows off the page like you are experiencing it firsthand rather than through his words. He has a way of bringing the reader right into the action, making them feel what his characters are feeling, getting them so deep in the moment that when the ax swings, they can damn near feel it.

Don’t believe me? Try him for yourself and when you find yourself falling down your own Rufty rabbit hole, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Where to start? Try these out and keep going from there. I highly recommend the below to experience the range that is Kristopher Rufty.



There’s no escaping your past. Especially when it wants revenge.

Grant Marlowe hoped taking his family to their mountain cabin for Christmas would reunite them after his alcoholic past had torn them apart, but it only puts them into a life and death struggle. On Christmas Eve, a stranger from Grant’s past invades the vacation home and takes his wife and children hostage. His agenda is simple—make Grant suffer the same torment that Grant’s drunken antics have caused him. Now Grant must confront his demons head on and fight for his family’s lives. Because this man has nothing left to lose. The only thing keeping him alive is misery—Grant’s.

*Note from Candace-Heartbreaking and gut-wrenching, this one hurts.



Plainfield, Wisconsin. 1954. Robbing graves to appease his malevolent desires, Ed Gein inadvertently sets loose an ancient vampire on the unsuspecting town of Plainfield. As the number of missing persons rises, Ed realizes the vampire’s ultimate plan has been put into motion, and to prevent his dastardly practices from being exposed, he decides to slay the vampire himself. But he soon understands that he’s all the hope Plainfield has. As the few people closest to Ed are sucked into the vampire’s realm, he’ll be forced to reach deep inside himself to bring the incredible nightmare to an end. On this night, the Ghoul of Plainfield must battle the Vampire of Plainfield…to the death!

*Note from Candace- This one is one my favorites by Rufty, unique and original, brilliantly executed.



Twelve-year-old Joel Olsen loves all things devoted to horror.

Movies, comics, books, and of course his true passion, special effects. Being raised by his older sister Haley after the sudden death of their parents, Joel is in a world truly of his own. But at the launch of summer vacation, Joel finds lying bloodied and near death in his backyard, a masked man that is the epitome of what he adores. A flesh and blood slasher maniac!

When he invites the masked man into his home to recover from his wounds an unexpected friendship is born, but Joel quickly realizes he’s actually become involved in a true to life horror tale that he’ll be lucky to survive. This maniac known as Pillowface is not only an uncontrollable killing machine, but he also has others searching for him, and they will go to great and bloody lengths to find him.

*Note from Candace- Be sure to follow this one with the remaining Pillowface books!



He’s a writer seeking solitude. They are four women on vacation looking for fun and relaxation. But when they meet, they will find only terror. An appalling crime will lead to unthinkable, gruesome revenge. In the deep woods of Mountain Rock, no one will hear the screams, the agony, the mayhem. No one will hear them die.

*Note from Candace- Rufty brings dark and disturbing to a whole new level with this one. The twist is incredible. This is a perfect example of Rufty’s sheer range and talent.


Need a quicker introduction to my favorite author? Try any of his short story collections found here:

There are too many books to list them all, but I can guarantee that you will find at least one that checks all your boxes, if not more.

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