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Sonja Ska Reviews, 5/23/2024

Below is a solid, fast-paced novella with relatable characters, a great use of an urban legend, and just the right amount of blood. 

What starts as a trip to a horror convention quickly spirals into a fight for survival when a storm throws Addy off course and into a harrowing set of bizarre circumstances. A palpable tension follows Addy as she navigates the hell she finds herself in, which is an incredible achievement, considering she spends most of the novella alone in a cave. Every description breathes life into the setting, pulling you inside the darkness with Addy and the creature that stalks her. While this might not be a novella that has you reaching for the lights, Hightower manages to instill a heavy dose of fear that comes with not knowing what's around the corner or behind you.

Laurel Hightower writing a creature feature was going to be an automatic buy no matter what, but she really came through with a fun, twisted story that leaves you feeling deeply satisfied. 

Below is perfect for anyone who loves concise, fast-paced creature features that ooze atmosphere. 

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