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Uncomfortably Dark News

News and updates from Uncomfortably Dark include special announcments and the Dark Dozen anthology update.

Read on to see how we wrapped up this week!


Author Signing News

On Saturday, we announced our first author, Patrick Tumblety. We are very excited about this next chapter and can't wait to share our other author announcments with you every Saturday in December.

You can read more about Patrick at the link below:


Christina Pfeiffer Named Submissions and Review Coordinator.

Speaking of major announcments and the next chapter of Uncomfortably Dark, the incredible Christina Pfeiffer has been made our Submissions and Review Coordinator. She will be helping with all aspects of keeping the publishing and review schedule on track, handling issues, and other such things.

Christina has been my right-hand for a while now and does an amazing job helping me behind the scenes. I could not do half of what I do without her help. I hope everyone will join me in congratulating her on her new role as we move Uncomfortably Dark Horror into 2024!


Dark Disasters Limited-Edition Update

The proof looked really good except for a few small errors. It has been corrected and the final order sent off to the printers. I anticipate the finished hardcovers to be in around Christmas week and will be getting those to everyone asap. There will be a a handful of copies available to order on the site once all pre-orders have been filled. Keep an eye out for that announcment if you did not pre-order the anthology.

The eBook and Paperbacks are availabe on godless and on Amazon at the links below:




Patreon News

If you are a patreon, check your messages to order your monthly or quarterly book or audiobook. Make sure to mark your calenders for tomorrow nights live Zoom call for the patrons only! If you have not joined up, join now at the link below for a free week to check out all our content.

Subscription level:

If you join at the Dark Deviant level, this tier functions like a full subscription to all Uncomfortably Dark releases which you will get the ebook and paperback version of all books upon release, including any matching swag and other random merch as things are rolled out. This tier will include all titles from all our authors, including my own titles along the way.

Join now and get ready for an awesome year!

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