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Uncomfortably Dark News

Short and sweet today. A few updates on releases and review team changes, followed by two cool books that some author friends are promoting, check those out below.

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Publishing and Author News:

Edits returned from Dave Bernstein for his novel, EPISODES OF VIOLENCE. ARC’s are in the hands of several incredible authors for possible blurbs. Next step is to get ARC copies sent to some reviewers and early readers and set up the pre-order and goodreads page. That will be accomplished by Jan. 15-Jan. 20. After that, pre-launch promotion will begin, and you can expect to see this release in mid-March.

Our signed author Patrick Tumblety contributed to the Patreon this week with a very kind post about Candace and Uncomfortably Dark and his decision to publish with us. I am very grateful to have him on board and believe that he represents our mission and purpose incredibly well.

Edits are getting underway for the next collection from M. Ennenbach, CREMATED REMAINS, will be our second release of 2024.  Expect to see more details on that as we go along.


Review Team News:

We also received several great new ARC requests which have gone out to the review team. Reviews will resume posting the week of Jan. 15, via the Blog section of the website. A training session with the team was completed today to prepare for that transition.

Why the change? 

Three reasons.

1.       To free up space on the site to be used by the publishing house.

2.       To free up my time by allowing the team to post their own reviews on their schedule.

3.       To allow reviews to continue consistently even when I am traveling for events.




Sometimes happily ever after just means surviving...

Nine fairy tales reimagined within the sinister worlds of horror, history and mythology.

What if the Wicked Queen fell in love with Snow White? Or if Sleeping Beauty’s curse came with a beast? And how far would someone go to avenge their family or escape to freedom?

Gone are the damsels in distress and the heroic princes, this is the grim world of folklore where monsters roam or a princess can be the champion of her own fate.

No one is coming to save these characters, but they’ll fight their way out of madness and terror or die trying. This book upturns your favourite tales and retells them with a horror spin, weaving them into such diverse historical settings as feudal Japan, the ancient Roman Empire, and Celtic Ireland.

Check it out here:


From author R. E. Holding: METAXYSM: A Creature Feature Horror

“I shouldn't have brought Metaxysm outside the lab. Even looking at it now, I know something strange has happened with it.”

Abby is an underground inventor in the suburbs of a mid-size city where what you know doesn’t carry as much weight as who you know. Struggling in her new role at Soto Labs, she tries time and again to create a gadget that will earn her acclaim within the scientific community and, more importantly, among her peers.

Her colleague, Ben, a senior inventor with his own struggles, takes Abby under his wing. But in a devastating blow to both of their egos, a careless mistake is made that immediately threatens the life of another employee, puts a target on Abby’s back, and sets the world at risk.

Backed into a corner, Abby's last hope is that Ben's next move is the right choice.

Lovecraft meets Clue In this fast-paced horror-infused tale of fear and the unknown. Fans of horror, science fiction, or other uniquely told tales of the macabre will enjoy “Metaxysm.”

Check it out here:



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