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"Bringing you the best in horror, one uncomfortably dark page at a time!"

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Candace Nola

award-winning author * editor * reviewer

Uncomfortably Dark serves as a conduit to inspire my Dark Disciples, to share new horror, and to keep them informed of my latest work, updates, and news.

Join us. Find a dark corner, pull up a chair and light your candle.  Let's get uncomfortable.


AuthorCon in Williamsburg, Va

April 2023.

StokerCon in Pittsburgh, PA 

June 2024.

Scary Stories Book Fest in Asbury, NJ

Oct. 14, 2023.

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Upcoming News & Releases

New & Upcoming Releases

  • Stranger Than Friction Winter Issue-"Just Pick Up the Pieces" short story. 

  • Just A Girl Anthology by Sinister Smile-March 2023

  • American Cannibal Anthology by Maenad Press-March 2023.

  • Carnivale: Midnight Bites 9 anthology by Crone Girls Press-March 2023. 

  • The Generator quad collab project by UDH-March 2023.

  •  Bishop-Second Installment-Spring 2023.

  • Hank Flynn returns newly launched from Eerie River Publishing, Vol. 1 and 2. Spring 2023. 

Awards and Nominations

  • 2022 Splatterpunk Award for Anthology of the Year for The Baker's Dozen! 

  • 2021 Horror Author's Guild: Novel of the Year for Beyond The Breach. 

  • 2021 Horror Author's Guild: Runner-up for debut novel of the year for Breach. 

360Editing-Booked Until Feb. 1, 2022

  • Feel free to inquire for jobs under 25K words or schedule full length edits for after Feb. 1.  

  • Full Editing & Proofreading services.

  • Formatting Now Available. 

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My Uncomfortably Dark Blog

Here is where I started, now I visit when I can, come on in to Candyland.

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In other news....

So late again but still here. Had a rough week here, threw my back out doing yard work. Yes, I do know better. Yes, I’ll watch next time....

Quiet Nights....

Hello friends. Quiet nights here lately, been struggling with some issues of fatigue and exhaustion. Not sure what’s going on and I...

Do Not Go Gentle....

The above image was downloaded from All credits, rights, etc go to them. That being said, this image had the cleanest...

Better late than never....

Hello friends. I certainly hope everyone is well. My family and I are doing fine, so far. No zombie sightings, we’ve not had to eat...


It’s getting quiet outside, and quieter still every day that passes. Traffic drifts by, slower now, no longer the road rage filled rush...

Breach Raffle

Update: Raffle is closed-no entries sent in so I will hold another raffle next month. Hey Everyone! Just a reminder that the raffle to...

And it continues....

More virus updates, stay at home orders, frustrated parents, frustrated children, cabin fever hitting folks full blast. However, there is...

My constant companion.

There is a face haunting me, man or spirit, I cannot tell. I close my eyes and the face appears. Awake or dreaming, day or night, I close...

They walk...Again!

Good evening friends, ghouls and boils. Another uncomfortably dark night lies ahead, how will you spend it? I’m going to spend it in the...

Cries in the Dark

Hello friends. It's that time again, to pull up a chair and blow out the candle, turn off the lights and get uncomfortable in the dark...

Post 1: Uncomfortable yet?

Hello and welcome to my first blog post as an author. I am quite pleased to be here and also quite uncomfortable. I’m sure most of you...

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"Bringing you the best in horror, one uncomfortably dark page at a time."

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