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Horror Happenings: Big News from Gage Greenwood!!

In case you missed it, Gage Greenwood made a massive announcement this week regarding his new trilogy, A GLASS WORLD! You can only access this series through his Patreon page! See details below!

Introducing: A GLASS WORLD

Mary lost her husband. Brian’s daughter is missing. Judith’s parents are gone.

These three people, all leading different lives, find access to a secret world through their grief. The Glass World is a place one can only get to through their mind. It’s a living, breathing land that grants untold powers to those who find it.

But there are things outside of Glass World who know of its existence, and they’ll do anything to get in.

Mary, Brian, and Judith thought they found a place to deal with their grief, but what they really discovered is a nightmare lurking in the shadows, ready to devour anything between it and the Glass World.

This sci-fi, horror story will span three novels, and will be told EXCLUSIVELY on Patreon.

Everyone in the Lamppost tier or higher will have access to this serialized story as it’s told and will receive an eBook as each novel is complete.

Everyone in the Legend tier or higher will get an exclusive paperback of each novel.

And everyone in the White Wolf tier will receive a hardcover.

This story will ONLY be told on Patreon. You won’t be able to read about it anywhere else.


Join the Patreon page at the link below:


Gage Greenwood is the best-selling author of the Winter's Myths Saga, and Bunker Dogs. He's a proud member of the Horror Writers Association and Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers association.

He's been an actor, comedian, podcaster, and even the Vice President of an escape room company. Since childhood, he's been a big fan of comic books, horror movies, and depressing music that fills him with existential dread.

He lives in New England with his girlfriend and son, and he spends his time writing, hiking, and decorating for various holidays.

Find out more or contact me:


Image description: Gage Greenwood signature skeleton on a rose stem logo. Image is in white on a black background with red lettering.


Want more exclusive content? Join the Uncomfortably Dark Patreon page at the below link:

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