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Rachel Schommer Reviews: 7.8.24

This week I have another great novella for you. Something to make you think...



1. Ooof, this is another heavy one. At just 78 pages, it packs a punch. While there is a lot of loss and grief covered in this novella; there are also more positive emotions such as love and hope within the pages as well. It’s not all bleak.  

2. This may make me sound like a complete a-hole, or incredibly lucky, but I don’t understand addiction. I’m thankful for that every single day, but that also means I’m sure I can come off a bit rude when it’s the subject of a conversation. While that’s definitely not my intention, I’m sure it happens because it’s not a topic I can relate to.  This book was really great because it took something I struggle to comprehend and made it tangible. The way DeBoard portrayed addiction was so creepy and slow and relatable that it made it click for me and now I can better see why it’s so terrifying. I know that his portrayal isn’t how it feels or is for everyone who struggles with addiction, but I think breaking it down the way he did is important for those of us on the outside.

3. The only part of this storyline that I struggled with was the spread of the disease. It seemed to be represented as communicable which threw me off a bit, however, I think the overall message is solid enough that I’m not going to focus too much on that and just say it was an important read for me. It made me think and helped open my mind while also being entertaining.

Definitely Recommend!

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