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Rachel Schommer Reviews: 3.4.24

This week's review is a book that, in theory, I shouldn't enjoy, but it blew me out of the water. Highly recommend!


THE GOD DAMN DEAD by Colt Skinner


1. I’ve been looking forward to this since I read Colt’s short ‘Your English is Good’. I instantly fell in love with his writing style and the way he creates characters and I wanted more. This is more, and it didn’t disappoint!

2. I ‘shouldn’t’ like this story. If I’m being honest, I’m not a huge fan of motorcycle club stories, zombies, or vampires – obviously there are a few exceptions, but in theory this book is comprised of a bunch of stuff that doesn’t typically trip my trigger. Except in this case – it did. I loved everything about both the plot and the characters. There’s loyalty, double-crossing, the undead, indigenous spirituality, incredibly relatable characters, and much needed social commentary. Skinner is Canadian, and if you know anything about what has been going on in Canada recently with missing and murdered Indigenous women as well as the residential schools, it gives another very real layer to this story. If you don’t know, I’d suggest a quick Google search just to familiarize yourself – it’s important.

3. Colt has an elegant way of writing; a beautifully creative way of saying simple things that make them pop in my mind. Just a couple examples, there are many more, but you'll have to read to find them for yourself:

              “On the precipice of the gravel path, Bill felt gravity tug the motorcycle forward, reminding the machine of its birthright to go fast.” (pg. 13)

              “As if Moses had commanded them to do so, the crowd on the street parted and a caravan of shiny metal horses paraded through.” (pg. 21)

              “…he looked like a jigsaw puzzle that someone had decided to ball up and tape back together rather than solve.” (pg. 157)

4. I must be getting sensitive in my old age because I felt feelings that may have made my eyes a bit wet, but I also felt so triumphant by the end. This is a highly recommend from me!


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