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Rachel Schommer Reviews: 4.29.24

Here I am with another anthology review - this one comes just in time for summer a.k.a. peak road trip season. If you're looking for something to pass the time while traveling, might I suggest the book reviewed below?!


DEAD HOOKERS IN GAS STATION BATHROOMS edited by R.E. Sargent & Steven Pajak


1. I was super excited for this anthology when it was announced and had to jump on the pre-order right away! My husband and I usually do a couple road trips each year so, why not give myself something creepy to think about while we’re driving down those unfamiliar roads, right?

2. There are 11 stories and they were all so incredibly different. I was shocked at the wide array of subject matter that falls into ‘Road Trip Horror’. However, I’m not creative at all, which is why I read and not write. I’m just thankful there are people out there who are creative and can come up with all these different takes on, what feels to me, a pretty limited subject. Another plus is there were several new-to-me authors that I plan on looking into their other works because I liked their story or writing style so much.

3. I enjoyed all the stories, but there were 5 of the 11 that really hit the spot just right for me. Stories I found super creative and/or incredibly well written. I also noticed many of the stories had underlying dark humor going on, which I freaking LOVE. Seriously, if I’m chuckling mere sentences after you had me grossed out or feeling tense with suspense – that’s a win in my book.

4. My top 3 of this antho would be:

              “Dead Air” by Mike Marcus – I loved the plot of this one but was also impressed at the level of character development that the author was able to fit into 22 pages. And the ending, while unsurprising, was absolutely savage.

              “Adjust Your Crown” by Renee M.P.T. Kray – I really enjoyed the writing style of this one. It was just descriptive enough to provide a very detailed picture of what was happening, and it’s a storyline that requires that type of visualization. Also a bit of a redemption arc which I’m finding I’m a sucker for.

              “Roadside Killtractions” by D.A. Latham  - This was the story I found most creative and it was also a direction I wouldn’t have thought about going, but makes a ton of sense. Short (obviously), detailed, brutal – what more could one want out of a story in an antho?

Recommend; especially if you're a passenger and don't get car sick!

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