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Rachel Schommer Reviews: 4.22.24

Reading has felt very much like a slog for me this year so far (what the heck is in the water?!) and the book I'm reviewing this week made me remember the joyful side of reading!


LOVE POTION #666 by Nathan D. Ludwig


1. This reads like a super cheesy 90’s cult classic movie. Think of a voodoo version of ‘True Romance’ complete with zombies eating brains. Sounds kinda weird, right? But also AWESOME. I was so entertained! I love when an author writes in a way that makes it effortless for my brain to play the movie version of what I’m reading, as I’m reading. Nathan has an enjoyable and easy writing style that is so weirdly fun to ‘watch’. Side note – apparently there are people who can’t visualize what they’re reading in this way…I’m flabbergasted!

2. In this book, we follow a soap-opera level mother-daughter relationship and I was 100% convinced I knew who the ‘bad guy’ of the relationship was for 95% of the book. As things were slowly revealed, I realized I had been wrong the whole time. Not that there’s any ‘good guy’ in this book at all; except maybe poor old Zeb. Everyone else is kinda fucked up, but that means a cast of incredibly entertaining and over the top individuals that honestly just made this book so freaking fun. A literary masterpiece it is not (I’m sorry, Nathan!) but I had such a great time reading this one – it was exactly what I needed.

3. If you’re looking for a ridiculous good time, nothing too deep, nothing that takes a ton of thinking, just sex, drugs, and action rolled into a nostalgic cult-film feeling – I highly recommend Love Potion #666!

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