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Rachel Schommer Reviews: 4.15.24

Seeing everyone's posts from Scares That Care Authorcon this past weekend has me feeling all kinds of FOMO, yet I still have so many books from last year I've not read yet. I've really been struggling with my attention-span this year so far, so the last thing I need are more books I'll just stare at on my shelves. That said, I still would have loved to see all the author and reviewer friends I've made throughout the years. I lived vicariously through so many of your photos and posts - thanks for sharing! Now onto today's review...




1. Ghoul! is a super quick and very short read. The whole book itself is only 79 pages (the Kindle version anyway) and there are 9 different stories in those pages, so it was very easy to fly through this one.

2. Last week I mentioned that I’ve been having some issues lately with actually getting my head into reading and that meant collections and anthologies have been my best friends lately because of those attention issues. While still true, some of the stories in this collection felt to me, like they could have been fleshed out a little more. I thought the story concepts were awesome and the range of the 9 stories was wide, but there were definitely a couple of the stories I wanted a bit more from. So, I guess that means they were good – when I was disappointed that was all I was getting.  

3. Maybe due to the short nature of the book and the stories themselves, this was a super easy read. As in it felt sort of young adult to me in writing style. However, I enjoy YA, so that wasn’t a problem, it just took me by surprise since that’s not what I had been expecting.

4. My favorite story was ‘Bug Legs’. This was a hilarious take on a revenge story and I love seeing an asshole kid get their comeuppance!

Recommend if you're looking for something you can crack out in 1 day, or just short stories to get you through something like a waiting room or the school pickup line!

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