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Rachel Schommer Reviews: 4.8.24

Lately I've been struggling with a reading slump and attention issues. I just can't seem to immerse myself in a book like I'm used to doing, so the perfect type of reading has been anthologies/novella collections. These provide enough variety and quick hits to allow me to crack out a story or 2 at a time. They also typically hold my attention a little easier than a standard novel since they're usually quite fast-paced due to the length of the stories.


F.U.B.B. – DARK TIDE BOOK 14 by Daniel J. Volpe, Candace Nola, and Jasper Bark


1. Each story in this collection of 3 novellas was so incredibly different and I enjoyed the variety. Each was f-ed up in its own way, as the title suggests; I was super excited to see what 3 of the authors who have yet to let me down with their words put out for a collection that is meant to be ‘fucked up beyond belief’. As predicted – none of them disappointed.

2. Jasper kicks us off with a story that goes right for the jugular of religion – especially the large tent revival televangelist types. In my opinion, organized religion is, it itself,  F.U.B.B. and “Church of the Splatter-Spray Saints” beautifully outlines my reasoning for thinking so, even if it does it with a few more severed limbs than my original thoughts. This story really hit for me on all levels, calling out how ridiculous, corrupt, and fake religion can be - something I’ll never tire of.

3. Candace swoops in with a story that feels all sorts of small-town-innocent until it really doesn’t. I don’t quite know why, but this story reminds me of one of the scariest episodes of the old school X-Files I have ever seen – “Home” (aka the one with the Peacock family). I’m honestly not even sure what actually happens in that episode since I watched it once back when I was 10. I simply remember the vibes and the feeling it gave me and for some reason reading Candace’s story “Double Feature” took me right back to that same vibe and feeling as it simultaneously grossed and creeped me out. I won’t ruin it for you except to say: be careful what you eat.

4. Daniel’s story combined1 thing I love and 1 thing I hate: indigenous magic and bugs; calling upon nature to help exact revenge. Three small town burnouts with a not-so-lucrative side hustle get their comeuppance when they mess with the wrong victim, and no, it’s not the cop’s brother like you’d think. Oh, and I’d think twice before running out to that beer fridge in the garage next time, you never know what will be waiting for you in the dark…

If you want something to leave you thinking "WTF" I recommend this collection!

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